Asantewaa Accused It On Snapchat Update

Ama’s allegedly leaked video has caused an uproar on various social media platforms, with fans and followers dividing their opinions.

Martina Dwamena, also known as Asantewaa, is a well-known TikToker from Ghana. During the global coronavirus outbreak, she gained popularity with her amusing films and quickly garnered a following on TikTok.

Recently, a controversial incident has surfaced on social media involving two prominent Ghanaian TikTok performers, Ama and Asantewaa. The dispute revolves around an allegedly leaked video and film showing Ama in an intimate situation.

Asantewaa and her brother have been accused of sharing the explicit Snapchat clip, sparking heated arguments and arguments among their fans and followers.

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Ama leaked video and tape: what happened?

Her sexual activities by Ama, a TikToker, were reportedly exposed by Asantewaa and her brother, leading to Ama’s conviction of the two.

In response to the subsequent debate sparked by the prominent content producer, Ama released several new videos.

Ama leaked a video
Asantewaa with her brother as she leaks her brother’s Atopa video (Source: Ghpage)

Asantewaa and her brother have been heavily criticized on social media for their apparent involvement in sharing Ama’s brother’s intimate video.

Asantewaa is known for her outrageous acts that attract attention, but she denies any wrongdoing and insists the allegations against her are unfounded.

This has created a split among her followers, with some supporting Asantewaa and others condemning her behavior.

In her videos, Ama denies Asantewaa and her brother’s allegations and urges them to meet them at their place of birth to provide concrete evidence and threatens to “curse” them.

Previously, there were reports that Asantewaa and her brother were accused of sharing nude pictures of their brother’s girlfriend.

It was also alleged that Asantewaa’s younger brother, Kay Verli, was involved in a viral video in which he was accused of sleeping with a TikTok girl and then leaving her.

Unfortunately, in response to the split, the girl involved in the incident resorted to harassing Asantewaa and her brother, which led to the publication of explicit photos online in retaliation.

Ama leaked video and tape: Asantewaa is accused of posting it on Snapchat

The allegedly leaked film and audio recording featuring Ama sparked outrage on social media and led to charges against Asantewaa and her brother.

Ama and Asantewaa have stood by their views, with Ama vehemently denying their participation and challenging their accusers to produce evidence.

Ama leaked a video
Asantewaa breaks silence on video of Ama’s private snapchat video (Source: Ghpage)

The incident began when Ama’s private Snapchat video went viral on many social networks.

Although content creator Ama denied any involvement in the leak, suspicion turned to Asantewaa and her brother, who have been accused of leaking the sensitive material.

In response to the allegations, Ama contacted Snapchat to deny involvement in the leaked film and footage.

She asked Asantewaa and her brother to meet in their hometown and provide concrete evidence to support their allegations against them.

Ama maintains her innocence and claims she did not intend to be released.

Ama leaked video and tape: social media frenzy and backlash

The leaked film sparked outrage on numerous social media channels, with fans and followers expressing their opinions.

Hashtags related to the incident were trending and debates were heated. Scores of people have slammed Asantewaa and her brother for allegedly being involved in the leak and endangering Ama’s privacy.

The leaked movie episode had far-reaching ramifications for everyone involved.

Ama’s reputation has been questioned, with some fans questioning her innocence. Asantewaa and her brother have faced tremendous contempt and anger for their alleged activities.

Concurrent with the Ama Asantewaa scandal, another social media star, Santea, found himself in a similar dilemma after an alleged NSFW Snapchat video of him with an unnamed woman went viral.

Contrary to his initial statement, Santea did not take a social media sabbatical and continued to share content across numerous platforms, adding to the furore surrounding the video.

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