babo y karely video viral watch

babo y karely video viral watch .!

The Cartel de Santa’s Karely Ruiz and Babo video is on OnlyFans? Here are the hints ONLYFANS
Karely Ruiz makes a hint about new Cartel de Santa material, this time featuring Babo.

Karely Ruiz flaunts a bikini that costs less than $20 and makes her appear like a princess.

Karely Ruiz is already considering getting married; a necessary excuse would force her to the altar.

A video from Cartel de Santa’s Karely Ruiz and Babo would be debuted.

A video from Cartel de Santa’s Karely Ruiz and Babo would be debuted.

These are the hints from the Cartel de Santa’s video of Karely Ruiz and Babo that was posted on OnlyFans.


07:05 EDT on 08/04/2023

Since they took advantage of social media after publishing Karely Ruiz’s unedited video on OnlyFans and there was even talk that they were dating, it appears that the Santa Fe Klan is already part of Karely Ruiz’s past. To publish it on the adult portal, the model would have revealed that she has a fresh clip with Babo from Cartel de Santa available.

babo y karely video viral watch
babo y karely video viral watch

All of this started with the leak of a private video of Cartel de Santa’s lead singer and some videos of the well-known Karely Ruiz with another woman on OnlyFans, which sparked rumors of a potential collaboration between the two superstars among her fans.

Babo had initially requested a cooperation for a video on OnlyFans, but Karely Ruiz admitted that he had initially turned it down. “We already had it planned before, but I had a boyfriend and he didn’t let me, but now it’s worth it,” the model shared with her followers.

The Monterrey model, however, changed her mind after the success of the video she created with the Santa Fe Klan.

When will the uncut version of your video from Cartel de Santa be released on OnlyFans?


The long-awaited video between Karely Ruiz and Babo might be released in the next few days, which has raised lots of hopes among both artists’ fans. But neither of them has disclosed any details about it.

Since the rapper’s suggestion is to create content for both platforms, which can be interpreted as YouTube and OnlyFans, it should be kept in mind that for a few months there had already been talk that Karely Ruiz and Babo would make an uncensored video for OnlyFans. However, they were aware that even though it was exclusive, they couldn’t control leaks.

“I’ve already agreed to work with him to create something spectacular on the pages. We are speaking; that will happen; it is a fact, according to the Monterrey native.

Karely Ruiz and Babo

Karely Ruiz and Babo’s Instagram

The Karely Ruiz likes the


Karely Ruiz is still making her followers sigh on her official Instagram account, as the influencer model didn’t think twice to flaunt her most sexy bikini while on vacation.

The well-known influencer shared how she spent her holiday in a video, making sure to capture every last bit of her beauty after flashing her sexy bikini.

Karely Ruiz gave her followers a glimpse inside her vacation mood in a sexy video. She was an erotically charged vision on this occasion.

Karely Ruiz wrote “How hot my love” as she splashed water over her seductive figure while flaunting a pink bikini.

Her fans continued to laud her in the 1,780 comments and more than 300,000 likes on that particular video.

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