Has Greg Gutfeld Divorced His Wife Elena Moussa? Rumors Explained

Has Greg Gutfeld Divorced His Wife Elena Moussa? Rumors Explained .!

Is Greg Gutfeld Divorced To His Wife, Elena Moussa? Get the truth behind the rumors and Find out about the current status of their marriage. 

Gregory John Gutfeld, a renowned American television host, libertarian political commentator, comedian, and author, has made a name for himself in the media industry.

He is best known as the host of the late-night comedy talk show Gutfeld! and as one of the co-hosts on the political talk show, The Five, both airing on the Fox News Channel.

Greg’s witty humor and insightful commentary have garnered him a substantial following and significant influence in American media.

Talking about his personal life, Greg Gutfeld tied the knot with Elena Moussa, a Russian photo editor, and the couple currently resides in New York City.

However, recent rumors have sparked speculation about their marriage status, with some questioning if Greg Gutfeld and Elena Moussa are still together.

In this article, we delve into the truth behind the divorce rumors surrounding Greg Gutfeld and Elena Moussa’s marriage.

Read till the end to find the answer to the question: “Has Greg Gutfeld Divorced His Wife Elena Moussa?”

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Is Greg Gutfeld Divorced To His Wife, Elena Moussa?

American television personality Greg Gutfeld and his wife, Elena Moussa, have been basking in the glow of their marital bliss for over a decade.

Renowned for his wit and charm on The Greg Gutfeld Show and as a co-host on The Five, Gutfeld’s off-screen persona is a stark contrast—gentle and devoted to his wife.

Greg Gutfeld’s journey to find love took an unexpected turn when he assumed the role of editor-in-chief at Maxim UK.

During a conference attended by Maxim editors worldwide, fate led him to cross paths with Elena Moussa, then a stunning Russian model.

Greg Gutfeld Divorced
Has Greg Gutfeld Divorced To His Wife, Elena Moussa? The pair are still together and thriving. (Source: The US Sun).

Despite initial hesitations from Elena, who appeared indifferent to his advances, Greg was undeterred and pursued her for three days.

Eventually, Elena agreed to a date, marking the beginning of their whirlwind romance.

Although the couple’s love story seemed like something straight out of a fairytale, they chose to keep their relationship relatively private.

Despite Greg’s lighthearted jokes about Elena on his shows, the couple has shied away from flaunting their personal life in the public eye.

Consequently, many are left wondering, “Is Greg Gutfeld Divorced His Wife Elena Moussa?” However, the couple is still together, and their marriage is still thriving.

Fox News Anchor Announced Divorce on Gutfeld!

In an episode of the late-night comedy show Gutfeld!, hosted by Greg Gutfeld on Fox News, a surprising revelation set the media abuzz.

During a segment about Valentine’s Day, Fox News anchor Julie Banderas dropped a personal bombshell – she’s getting a divorce.

The announcement on-air during a discussion about the romantic holiday caught many viewers off guard.

Greg Gutfeld Divorced
While there is no truth to the Greg Gutfeld divorced rumors, Julie Banderas annouced she’s getting a divorce. on his show Gutfeld! (Source: Yahoo News)

Julie Banderas hinted about the “little announcement” on Twitter before the show aired, increasing the audience’s curiosity.

During the show’s final minutes, Greg Gutfeld jokingly asked Banderas if she planned to get anything for Valentine’s Day.

In a characteristic acid-tongued response, she dismissed the holiday, even recalling her time when she was married, adding some profanity for emphasis.

However, amid the humorous banter, Banderas revealed her actual news.

With a touch of humor, she confirmed that she was going through a divorce, announcing it on air for the first time.

The unexpected revelation sparked applause from the audience, leading to Gutfeld’s playful congratulatory response.

Greg Gutfeld’s Divorced Rumors Explained

The unexpected divorce announcement during the Valentine’s Day segment on Gutfeld! created confusion among some viewers, leading to rumors and speculations involving Greg Gutfeld’s marital status.

Greg Gutfeld Divorced
The TV host has yet to comment on the “Greg Gutfeld Divorced” rumors. (Source: NBC News)

This misunderstanding might have been further fueled by the fact that Greg Gutfeld is known for making witty remarks about relationships and married life on his show.

However, Greg Gutfeld is happily married at the moment.

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