Is Queen Opp Jail? Musical Artist Mugshot And Arrest Charge Update

Queen Opp Prison: The music artist is making headlines as news of her arrest makes the internet rounds. You can find more information about her protégés here.

Queen Opp is an American musician and TikTok personality with a substantial following on her social media. She and Michelle work together and also have a YouTube channel.

Her channel was created on May 24, 2020 and has already gained more than 20,000 subscribers. Their bio says they are the most hated duos on YouTube.

On their YouTube channel, Opp and Michelle have posted various videos that have caught many people’s attention. Aside from that, the duo make headlines as news of Opp’s arrest makes the rounds.

Is queen opp jail?

Queen Opp is said to be in prison as she was recently arrested. A Twitter name called Film Pop posted some snaps with news that shocked many people.

They said it was Opp arrested for attacking and injuring Michelle. Likewise, the news is trending on other social media platforms, including TikTok and Facebook.

Queen Opp Prison
Queen Opp has been arrested after attacking Michelle as she appeared with bruises on her face. (Source: Instagram)

Many YouTube channels have also made videos about it. Despite all this, the official news on this topic has not been published by any verified media outlet.

When news of the arrest broke, people cheered and one person commented on Twitter: “Good!!!! Because it is despicable how they mistreated her.”

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Mugshot of musical actress Queen Opp revealed

Following news of musician Queen Opp’s arrest, a search was conducted for Opp’s mugshot. At the time of this reporting, Queen Opp’s mugshot has not yet been shared.

However, she is said to have been arrested. So it can be confirmed that the police will be releasing some updates soon as many people have been asking questions about it on social media.

Mugshot of Queen Opp
Queen Opp has been arrested and a TikTok video is going viral on various social media platforms. (Source: Tiktok)

Additionally, some fake photos and videos are going viral online that were only shared to get views for their posts. As this has caused confusion among people, everyone has been urged not to spread fake news.

As previously mentioned, people were excited about Opp’s case; More updates coming soon.

Arrest and charges against Queen Opp

Queen Opp was reportedly arrested after manhandling Michelle, also known as Chelle. Meanwhile, Opp isn’t the person who gets arrested as her friend Dani.

The couple were arrested after assaulting Michelle. Some social media posts suggest that Opp and her friend have been charged with simple assault and harassment.

A Twitter user shared the news that Opp and her partner had been placed on $10,000 bail, and Queen is reportedly denying the bail.

Arrest of the Queen Opp
Queen Opp has been arrested along with her friend Dani for assaulting Michelle. (Source: Twitter)

A video has gone viral on the internet showing Michelle with a swollen face. This hinted to people that she was hit by Queen and Dani.

Likewise in viral videoThey were all seen together in a room and during that time some police officers broke down the door and entered the room to check them out.

Subsequently, online users say that Queen and Dani also made Chelle eat dog poop. Both were arrested for their assault.

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