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There are classes that leave a deep impression on me. Tell me about an interesting class


Top 3 good essays about an interesting lesson

Sample essay 1 tells about an interesting class 10th class

Surely everyone has fun lessons with teachers and friends. It was also the most memorable time of a school year. As for me, I remember the Van lesson of Ms. Hang – my homeroom teacher the most.

It was a cold winter morning. As soon as the reading time ended, Ms. Hang entered the class in the school uniform. She wears a purple suit that looks very polite and elegant. Always, in my eyes, Ms. Hang is always so beautiful in that outfit. Today, for some reason, my class suddenly fell silent. Every day, every time she entered the classroom, there was the voice and laughter of the girls or the naughty sound of the boys. But why is the class strangely quiet today? I feel like I’ve lost something fun and vibrant of all of us 6E “subjects”.

Realizing that, Ms. Hang immediately recited a poem in front of the class. My whole class responded enthusiastically. She slowly recited poetry to us:

Cold winter morning

Teacher standing outside

No more voices heard

As always again.

Then she paused, took a breath, and continued:

She walked into the classroom

Only hear the sound

Where is the voice and laughter?

Run and play.

My whole class burst into laughter. The class atmosphere is lively again. She started the class by checking the old lesson. Seeing that you guys got many points 9, 10, she was very happy. She smiled brightly at us. A bright smile lit up her face.

Today, my class studied the legend of Saint Giong. Huong led us to read the article. She read it one at a time to us. Wow, her voice is so inspiring. I felt like I was reliving the moment when Giong heroically fought the enemy alone.

She moved on to the next part – study the lesson. She took turns asking questions from the textbook. Which question is difficult, she suggested for us to answer. Then suddenly, she called Cuong – often called “baby” Cuong because of her small body. She gently asked Cuong:

– Please tell me, what do you think about the detail Giong stretches his shoulders to become a hero, he is taller than the staff?
Cuong innocently replied:

– Yes, ma’am, I see that Saint Giong is a man who has a sense of saving the country. Especially in that, after eating, Giong’s shoulders suddenly turned into a hero, which means that Giong must be a hero to destroy the enemy. And one more thing… is..

Seeing Cuong hesitate, she asked:

– What is that? I keep talking!

– Ma’am, I still want to be as big as Giong to protect girls when being bullied!

My whole class burst into laughter. It turns out that my baby Cuong is also gallant. I laughed until my stomach hurt. And Cuong blushed, didn’t know what to say, sat down silently.

She gently asked again:

– So, let me ask you, what is the meaning of Giong’s battle after finishing the war and then flying with the horse to heaven?

She looked around the class and called out to Nguyen – the most popular student in my class. I’m sure this guy is dead, because he was busy folding paper to tease the girls when she called to answer. Nguyen stood up awkwardly, scratched his head and scratched his ears, answered:

– Madam, the detail of Giong and his horse flying to heaven shows that Giong has not taken care of his parents, so he was called to punish him by God!

Hearing that, my whole class burst into laughter. So today the whole class got two laughs from the two boys in the class. Looking at her watch, with only five minutes to go, she commented on our lesson today:

– Today, our class is still a bit quiet. However, the class was very lively near the end of the class. She asked the class to give her a big round of applause.

The whole class clapped loudly. The drum sounded again. My classmates still regret not being able to speak. Why did class go by so quickly, as if it had only been 15 minutes.

It was a very interesting lesson. We are so lucky to have a teacher like Ms. Hang. I will always remember her lessons. These are precious possessions that will follow me for the rest of my life.

Essay about an interesting class 2

Every day, I learn a lot of interesting and interesting subjects. The lessons of Literature class last Friday really left me with a lot of interesting things. It will forever be an unforgettable memory in my heart. It becomes an extremely important sacred memory of my heart, a baggage that follows me for the rest of my life.

It fostered me a lot of knowledge, helped me to move towards my future dream, to love my homeland more. Those are the lessons of Literature class taught by Ms. Nhung.

That day, the sky was extremely clear and blue on the tall branches with birds chirping, creating an attractive love song for a new day. When the class bell rang, we quickly settled into our seats. When she came to the classroom door, the class president softly shouted “You guys stand”, we quickly stood up to greet her, showing our act of respect and respect for the teacher.

Ms. Nhung entered, the students quickly opened their books to prepare for the new class. She looked at the whole class with a friendly smile on her lips, after settling down, she asked the class, “Have you done your old homework?” The whole class obediently replied in unison, “Yes, ma’am!” Then she walked back to the podium to prepare to check the old lesson.

She called her friend Trang, her friend Tung went to the board to answer the questions orally, all of them fluently answered what she asked, so they got high marks. That day, Ms. Nhung wore an extremely delicate azure-colored ao dai, each needle and nose line was just right, making her body look ethereal and elegant. She let go of her long, silky black hair down to her waist, making our female students look at her with admiration, whispering that she was so beautiful!
The teacher was very happy, pleased to praise the whole class for the spirit of studying the old lesson. Then she reminded the class to open new notebooks, and she invited them with very attractive and impressive introductions.

She talked about the topic of her hometown, “In each of us, there is a countryside, a place where vegetables are buried. The place of birth nurtures them to become human. Also the verses that poet Do Trung Quan wrote:

“Every person’s homeland is only one

But only one mother

If anyone does not remember homeland

Won’t grow up to be a human.”

To find out where the love for the homeland and the country comes from, we need to find out in the following lesson “Patriotism. The whole class listened to her every word like drinking every drop of honey.

Then the teacher introduces the author, then the content of the work. She taught how to read samples properly, her voice is very gentle, warm, inspiring, making us extremely excited.
She called Mai to re-read her lesson, your voice was very clear and clear, making the classmates admire. In the analysis part, she described it very flexible and delicate, making it easy for us to understand and love the lesson more than ever.

The teacher asked questions, you raised your arms straight up. Every friend wants her to notice her, wants her to call so she can answer. No one is distracted, but very focused, no one is daydreaming outside the classroom door, even though outside the birds are extremely chirping and chirping.

Patriotism stems from very small things such as loving our homeland, our loved ones, our friends, our loved ones. The lesson ended with the words boldly imprinted in our minds. I hope that I will learn many useful and effective lessons like that.

Talk about an interesting class with sample essay 3

During the years of studying with me, there are so many memories, so many memorable lessons. It was the first lesson of the first grade with many surprises, the farewell to the third grade homeroom teacher whom I sat down to cry… In which the memory I will never forget is the first lesson. year of sixth grade.

Having just parted from primary school, I entered the middle school gate with many novelties. That feeling reminded me of my first day of school when I was six years old. It’s just that I’m older this time, so I’m less nervous, but I’m still shy. On the first day of coming to class, I was completely lost, my friends in primary school were gone, and there was a child in the same school who was in a different class. Maybe the other students in the class are the same, everyone is not familiar with each other, just smiling a little at each other. We anxiously waited for the homeroom teacher to arrive. Like waiting for a movie star, we all look forward to meeting our homeroom teacher, because that’s the person who will stick with the class during this new school year. Everyone is curious about whether it will be a teacher or a teacher, young or old, strict or gentle, if it is a teacher, is it beautiful or not….How many questions arise, classmates sit and discuss noisy. The class was very noisy when suddenly a very young sister entered. She looks so pretty, her skin is white and rosy, especially her eyes exude intelligence. She tied her hair in a rather mischievous ponytail. Casual pants with a white shirt do not make her look older, but look more tough. She just entered the class with a very bright smile showing her graceful teeth. We were all amazed but forgot to ask who she was. Seeming to feel that too, she said softly:

– My class is class 6A, right?

“Yes,” my class replied in unison.

– Your homeroom teacher hasn’t entered the class yet?

– Not yet. But who are you?

At our question, she was a bit surprised, but she immediately smiled brightly:

– So while waiting for the homeroom teacher to come to class, can you stay and join the children in the game? She is also an alumnus of the school.

We heard that the game was so much fun, no one noticed that the homeroom teacher hadn’t entered the class yet. We immediately responded and everyone went to their seats very neatly. She entered the class with very confident steps. She started to let us play games. This game is nothing like we imagined. The game is called “Get to know”. Each group went to the board to participate in an exciting activity, if anyone lost, they had to say something about themselves. We were shy at first, but soon we were all excited and confident talking about ourselves. It seems that there is no distance between us, but we already know each other. Everyone played really hard and we quickly got to know each other’s names, knew the simplest things about each other. The game is fun….

At the end of the exciting game, to calm down, she told us funny jokes but all talked about students. She told the story very nicely, everyone listened attentively as if swallowing every word. Then suddenly she changed direction, building a seminar “What do you want from a homeroom teacher?” So the conference took place, as exciting as the previous game. In a relaxed atmosphere, we confidently voice our thoughts and desires. In response, we only have very detailed and satisfactory explanations that make everyone admire. The discussion was reaching its climax when suddenly the headmistress arrived. We respectfully greet you. She smiled gently and sent her first greetings to the class: “You are the new students of the school, so you are loved and cared for the most by the teachers. Therefore, in order to repay the teacher’s love, you must also promise to try. This is our class teacher Linh…”

The principal said while pointing at her, making us once again surprised, stunned… Dozens of pairs of eyes turned to her, wide and bewildered…. The principal was also very surprised when she saw that. . Only the sister who is now our homeroom teacher is not surprised. Her subsequent explanation calmed us down. The whole class and the principal laughed. My class is more than happy because there is a wonderful homeroom teacher. Although she was very young, she made everyone admire and love her. We were even more convinced by her subsequent introduction to the subjects. Her natural, humorous, charming way of speaking makes new subjects familiar to us. Oh what a meaningful first lesson of the year, the homeroom teacher of my class is amazing.

It is often said that a teacher is a soul engineer, the most talented engineer. Throughout their lives, they are dedicated and enthusiastic to build great works that are invisible, but how great. We secretly thank the teachers for giving us useful lessons from the most unusual things. That first lesson of the year will live forever in me, never fading


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