Meet Her Partner Warren and Kid; Mateo — Thedistin

Meet Her Partner Warren and Kid; Mateo — Thedistin .!

Taylor Schabusiness is a married woman with a child. Her husband, Warren, is in jail for drug dealing. Details on her spouse, and son explored amid her trial.

Following the news that a trial has begun in the case of Taylor Schabusiness, a Wisconsin woman who is on trial for murder, many want to learn more about Taylor’s husband and what their relationship is like. Taylor is currently standing trial on a first-degree murder charge, as well as a charge of mutilating a corpse and a third-degree sexual assault charge for the murder of Shad Thyrion, who was 25 in February 2022 at the time of his death.

Although Taylor has been in custody for this crime, it seems that her husband, Warren, was already in jail when she allegedly committed it. Here’s what we know about her husband.

Taylor and Warren Schabusiness in a selfie together.
Taylor and Warren Schabusiness in a selfie together.

Who is Taylor Schabusiness’s husband?

Taylor’s husband is Warren Schabusiness, and if his Facebook posts are to be believed, he was already incarcerated when Shad was murdered.

“I’m currently locked up on federal charges because I was framed,” Warren wrote on Facebook in February 2023. “I beat a Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine charge and plead to a possession with intent to deliver which is the best deal I could get.”

“Just know ill be out by the January of 2024 but possibly November or December of this year,” he added, “So plan on Warren Schabusiness to be out soon … now you know a little more about Warren and trust me come my release there will be lots more to know about myself and my wife.”

In a separate post, Warren also explained that he believed his wife was suffering a mental health crisis, which is what led her to commit the crime she is accused of.

My wife might be locked up for a long time/ if not life, but what the world/community don’t understand is, my release date is soon,” he wrote. “Either way my prayers go out to my wife Taylor Schabusiness, she needs help mentally, Brown County jail and the Crown County circuit courts are failing at understanding this, nor do they even care.”

“Yes what she is being accused of is serious, but this doesn’t change the fact that she still has rights and she still has family/people that love her no matter what her situation might be,” he continued. “Hopefully, soon the courts/jail will realize she needs help.”

Warren said that a combination of mental health issues, addiction, and post-partum depression played a big role in Taylor’s mental state at the time of the murder.

Image Source: Facebook @Warrenschabusiness

Does Taylor Schabusiness have any children?

According to a bail motion filed by her defense attorney in April 2023, Taylor Schabusiness is the mother of a 2-year-old child named Mateo Coronado. Her son lives in Texas with his paternal grandparents, court records show.

Her child’s father, Warren Schabow, is “currently in custody at a Federal Detention Center,” the motion says. She married Warren Schabow on February 14, 2020, it says.

Image Source: Facebook @schabusinesstaylor

What is Taylor Schabusiness’s real name?

As Warren alluded to, Taylor’s real name is actually Taylor Denise Coronado.

Although Warren has made it clear that he is standing by his wife, Taylor’s trial has captured such widespread interest in part because she is accused of strangling Shad, sexually abusing him, dismembering his body, and leaving various parts all over the house he shares with his mother and in a car.

Taylor’s defense attorney has entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. Taylor has also entered a not-guilty plea on her own behalf. Given the graphic nature of the crimes she’s accused of, many are likely to pay close attention to this trial as it unfolds.

What is known about Taylor Schabusiness’s family?

The accused murderer’s brother and mother are reportedly dead, according to Heavy.

In 2022, Taylor Schabusiness’ brother Arturo “AJ” Coronado was killed in a motorcycle accident. His obituary gives details of the family.

It says, “AJ is survived by his father Arturo (Michelle Halloran), his sister Taylor and nephew Mateo Coronado, grandparents, Juan and Esther Coronado and Randall Flugge and the late Patty Flugge-Williams.” His mother Marla (Flugge) Coronado preceded him in death, according to the obituary, which says he worked for an automotive company.

In 2009, Marla Flugge Coronado died suddenly at her residence at the age of 41, according to her obituary.

Her mother died from cirrhosis and alcoholism, according to Schabusiness’s attorney’s bail motion. She was raised by her parents until age 11 and moved to Cotulla, Texas, where she lived with her paternal grandparents. She has been receiving mental health treatment since she was in seventh grade, the motion says.

In 2022, in her top post on Facebook, Schabusiness wrote, “Went off and told an addict ‘I’ll never stop buying you dope, so I could sit back watch you die.’”

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