Murderer Afton Elaine Burton Parents Phil Melissa Siblings

Murderer Afton Elaine Burton Parents Phil Melissa Siblings .!

Discover Afton Elaine Burton parents and family. Shed light on Afton’s religious upbringing and deep connection to notorious cult leader Charles Manson.

Afton Elaine Burton, also known as “Star,” gained attention when it was revealed that she had an unusual desire to marry notorious serial killer Charles Manson.

Born and raised in Bunker Hill, Illinois, Burton moved to Corcoran, California, at age 26 to marry Manson, who was 80 years old.

She had been writing to Manson since she was 17, inspired by his environmental philosophy known as “ATWA.”

Over the years, Burton visited Manson frequently in prison, managing his money and gifts from fans.

Although Manson and Burton obtained a marriage license and planned a wedding ceremony, it is believed that the wedding never occurred.

Despite the unconventional nature of their relationship, Burton remained hopeful and continued to anticipate Manson renewing the marriage license until he died in 2017.

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Murderer’s Wife, Afton Elaine Burton Parents, Phil And Melissa: Siblings

Afton Elaine Burton, aka “Star,” was born in Bunker Hill, Illinois, in 1991 to parents of American heritage.

The young lady gained notoriety for her desire to become the loyal bride of convicted murderer Charles Manson, openly stating that she believed he was falsely imprisoned.

Afton Elaine Burton’s parents are Phil Burton and Melissa Burton, who raised her in a stable background, but a series of traumas led her to instabilities.

Elaine grew up alongside her three brothers, Dalton, Colton, and Weston Burton.

At 16, Afton became intrigued by Manson’s environmental philosophy, “ATWA,” which stands for “Air Trees Water Animals.”

This philosophy inspired her to write numerous letters to Manson, the murderer sentenced to death, and eventually speak with him on the telephone.

In 2007, the freak lady used her savings from working in a retirement home kitchen to relocate from Illinois to Corcoran, California, closer to Manson.

Despite criticism, Burton remained positively connected to her parents, even though some have drawn comparisons between her and Susan Atkins, another the murderer’s follower.

Afton Elaine Burton Parents
Afton, the young lady grew up in a strict and devoted Baptist family linked with murdered Charles. (Source: Daily Mail)

The murderer’s girlfriend, Star’s father, Phil Burton, disapproved of her relationship with 80-year-old Charles & even tried hard to hear her through her acts.

Unfortunately, no vitals have been yet discovered even after thoroughly analyzing details about Afton Elaine Burton’s parents on available sources.

And following the sudden hike of the lady’s name into the public domain recently, even investigators are working on the subjects. 

Further, even regarding the information on the existence of Afton’s siblings, the lady is expected to be the single daughter of the family.

And even if she has siblings, they’ve made no media presence, probably because of the unfortunate activity of Star.

Family And Ethnicity of Afton Elaine Burton, Aka Star

As per AL, Elaine Burton grew up near St. Louis in a deeply religious family with a family of deep American roots.

The young girl grew up in a strict and devoted Baptist family, which made her later association with Manson a shocking revelation to many.

However, specific details regarding her family and ethnicity are not mentioned on a legal basis on any official site.

However, it is worth noting that most archives from the past didn’t provide any specific insight into Afton’s family background or ethnic heritage.

Afton Elaine Burton Parents
Afton Elaine Burton, aka Star, tried marrying an 80-year-old cult leader just for his corpse. (Source: CTV NEWS)

The files, documents and reports mainly focus on her relationship with Charles Manson and her connection to the infamous cult leader.

Several scrapes mentioned that she had saved money while working in a retirement home kitchen and made her way to Corcoran, California, in 2007.

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