NY Woman in Talks with Playboy After Throwing Her 36G Bra at Drake

NY Woman in Talks with Playboy After Throwing Her 36G Bra at Drake .!

A bra-throwing incident at one of Drake’s concerts in New York City has made headlines and catapulted a young woman named Veronica Correia into the spotlight. Her daring move caught the attention of the “Hotline Bling” rapper and earned her instant fame. Now, it appears that Veronica’s bold act has not only drawn Drake’s admiration but also caught the eye of a major brand. Reports suggest that she is in talks with Playboy, a renowned publication known for celebrating art, freedom of expression, and sex positivity. Let’s explore the intriguing journey of Veronica Correia, the NY woman whose life has taken an unexpected turn after her bra-throwing escapade.

The Bra-Throwing Incident: During one of Drake’s “It’s All A Blur” Tour stops at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, Veronica Correia, a 21-year-old woman from Cumberland, Rhode Island, made a spontaneous decision to throw her 36G bra on stage. A viral video captured Drake’s genuine surprise as he picked up the bra, exclaiming, “Damn, 36G? Locate this woman immediately!” The video and the incident quickly went viral, turning Veronica into an overnight sensation.

The Aftermath and the Playboy Offer: Veronica’s daring act received widespread attention and praise from fans and media alike. After her bra-throwing video garnered millions of views on social media, Drake himself reached out to her on Instagram, responding to her Stories with a laughing emoji. This connection with the rapper only fueled the excitement around the incident.

The latest development in Veronica’s journey came when she revealed that Playboy, the iconic brand known for its celebration of artistic expression and sex positivity, contacted her. Playboy offered Veronica a position as a content creator, allowing her to interact directly with her fans and build her own personal content and commerce business on the brand’s creator-led digital platform.

Veronica’s Reaction and Future Plans: In an interview with TMZ, Veronica shared her whirlwind experience since the bra-throwing incident. She expressed her initial surprise at Drake’s reaction and how it felt like a “full-circle” moment for her, as her cup size had caused her some physical discomfort over the years. The 21-year-old also clarified that her chest is “all natural” and that her bra size runs in her family.

Regarding the offer from Playboy, Veronica revealed that she applied and has been accepted as a content creator. She is excited about the opportunity and looks forward to exploring what the collaboration entails. Additionally, Veronica mentioned that while she received numerous requests to start an OnlyFans account, she currently has no intention of pursuing that path.

Conclusion: Veronica Correia’s bra-throwing moment at Drake’s concert became a defining moment in her life, propelling her to instant fame and catching the attention of renowned brands like Playboy. Her journey from a coffee shop worker in Rhode Island to a content creator in talks with Playboy reflects the power of unexpected moments and how they can open new doors of opportunity. As Veronica’s story unfolds, her fans and the world await to see how her collaboration with Playboy will shape her creative journey and what the future holds for this fearless young woman.

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