orange theory workouts leaked on internet outrages

orange theory workouts leaked on internet outrages .!

As the air becomes sharper and the studio decorations become more menacing, members know to expect that each workout will be more difficult — and each accomplishment more satisfying — than the last.

Hell Week has kicked the buttocks of anyone daring enough to try it and hardy enough to endure it. It has encouraged members to believe that their bodies are more capable than they understand, that they are capable of running faster and lifting heavier than ever before.

The Halloween-themed event, which was both horrifying and ultimately rewarding, put willpower, dedication, discipline, and endurance to the test.

“Everyone loves a good challenge and enjoys the push they get every single day,” stated Kati Milam, Head Coach of both the Franklin and Murfreesboro, Tennessee studios. “But it’s the extra little bit of discomfort, the extra little challenge that comes with a week’s worth of tougher workouts that gets people fired up.” It’s undoubtedly entertaining… By no way is it excessive for anyone.”

Of course, there’s more at stake than bragging rights for those who do five workouts in eight days.

Those who show they’re up for the challenge and aren’t afraid of the higher-intensity workouts are rewarded with a sought-after, limited-edition T-shirt or tank to add to their growing collection.

“After the first year, when [members] started telling their friends about how much more challenging the workouts were, and people saw the shirts and the pride on people’s faces for completing the workouts, I think that made them jealous,” said Caleb Barnes, Head Coach at Wesley Chapel, Florida. “Seeing your pals wearing it makes you want to do it… It’s very nice to see veteran members wearing their [previous] Hell Week shirts and still be proud of them.”

This year, though, there is something different, a malfunction in the Hell Week Matrix, if you will, that all members will be entrusted with decoding.

The OTF studios are no longer haunted by creepy ghouls and terrible demons. Hell Week has been taken over by computer hackers this year, who will give the festival a completely new identity.

They’ve infiltrated the Hell Week database with a few keystrokes, a flash drive, and a fraudulent phishing scheme, locking up previous workout files and replacing them with fully encrypted fresh ones.

So, those nightmare-inducing, horror-movie-themed exercises that members despised for seven years? They’ve been turned off and are now protected by a firewall.

Anyone brave enough to try out the new routines and stand up to the anonymous cyberattackers has been warned: there will be consequences.

Worse, the workout names are hidden, as are the identities of the hackers hiding in the shadows. On Day 1, there may be supersized rowing blocks, or the source code may include sprints at 2 mph over your Base Pace. The security vulnerability might mean that members will go through endless repetitions of upper- and lower-body exercises, with innumerable sets of bicep curls, push-ups, and jump lunges on another morning.

You may also come across unexplained extra exercises scattered throughout the week, or uncover routines you’ve never heard of that have been uploaded to the Hell Week servers.

There’s no way to tell until October 24, the first day of this year’s Hell Week, since the undo command has been disabled.

The good news for those worried about the jailbreak, according to Milam, is that trainers will always be available to help new and seasoned members.

“You’re probably going to be a little more nervous than you have been in the past, but there’s no need to be scared or anxious because the coaches will always have your back,” she said. “They’re always going to get you through the workouts and provide you with options to succeed.”

Without a doubt, the uplifting camaraderie within studios will never fade and can assist drive a participant in a time of doubt.

“In any event that we do, you can tell Orangetheory [members] want that encouragement, and they want to encourage others, as well,” Milam added. “I’ve had so many people, new and old, introduce themselves to people who are visiting for the first time or who have been coming for five years.” Everyone is there for the same purposes, so the cheerful atmosphere […] shows through, particularly [during] Hell Week.”

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