Thando Kuku Carrot Video and Photo: Twitter and Facebook Update


Thando Kuku’s carrot video has been widely shared on social media platforms like Twitter. You can find more information about the scandal here.

Thando is a well-known TikTok star who has a huge following on the platform. Her original TikTok name has been banned and she has already opened another account which has over 790,000 followers.

Additionally, Thando has gained followers on TikTok through her dance and other videos. Besides being famous on TikTok, Thando is also an active Instagram user.

She can be followed on Instagram under the username @itss.thandooo, where she has already been followed by more than 514,000 people. She often gets the spotlight for a variety of reasons.

Currently, another Thando-related scandal has garnered significant attention, dragging the TikTok star into the controversy.

Thando Kuku Carrot’s video and photo go viral

Videos and photos of Thando Kuku carrots have gone viral on social media and everyone has been asking for them. The TikTok star is in the middle of a controversy over a leaked photo.

It was said Thando’s private photo was leaked on Twitter and soon after went viral on other platforms as well. After the video and photo leak, people started sharing their thoughts on the matter.

Many said the photo was original, while others disputed the claim and defended Thando by saying it was photoshopped.

Thando Kuku carrot video
Thando Kuku Carrot Video is trending on Twitter and many users have also shared fake videos. ( Source: Twitter )

In addition, some unauthorized sources on the internet have also shared fake videos and images linking the Thando name in order to get likes and views.

Because of this, it has not been confirmed whether Thando’s viral photo was real or not. The viral incident sent Thando’s fans and followers into shock.

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Thando Kuku Carrot Video Twitter and Facebook update

As mentioned, Thando Kuku’s carrot video is trending on various social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

Many people on these platforms have been talking about Thando’s video, which has been the talk of the town for the past few days. Her private photos were posted on WhatsApp groups and later circulated on Twitter.

Thando Kuku Carrot Video Twitter
The “Thondo Kuku Carrot” video drew the TikTok star into the controversy, and many believe it’s fake. (Source: Instagram)

Everyone has been asking about Thando Kuku’s carrot video and no one knows what it’s about. Most social media users have claimed that Thando’s private photos were leaked, drawing the TikTok star into the controversy.

Because of this, many awaited Thando’s testimony as the ongoing rumors had caused confusion.

What did Thando say about her viral video?

Thando went viral after her private photo was leaked on social media. When her followers saw the picture for the first time, everyone was shocked and nobody believed it.

After learning the actual incident, many Thando asked for the words themselves, and their followers began asking questions. That’s why Thando also told a story about her Instagram handle.

Thando shared a story on her Instagram account revealing the person who leaked her photo. ( Source: Twitter )

She tagged one person in her story and said that the Instagram user was the one who leaked the picture. She further explained that the person came from her school and that she also knew her place of residence.

Thando also mentioned that the guy who leaked her photo was going to jail. Afterwards, many believed the photo was real and had been published by an individual to defame Thando’s personality.

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