Tristan Sherry Funeral Fundraiser: Family Seeks Support Amidst Controversy

In the aftermath of the shocking Christmas Eve incident at Browne’s Steakhouse in Dublin, where Tristan Sherry’s attempted shooting led to his own demise, his family is seeking financial assistance for his funeral costs. Despite the controversy surrounding Sherry’s actions, which resulted in the critical injury of Jason Hennessy Snr, the family has launched an online fundraiser to cover the expenses. This article unravels the details of the incident, the family’s fundraising efforts, and the broader legal and ethical questions raised by this tragic event.

Tristan Sherry's Dublin Shooting
Tristan Sherry’s Dublin Shooting

Tristan Sherry’s Dublin Shooting Incident

Tristan Sherry’s ill-fated attempt at Browne’s Steakhouse involved the use of a machine pistol, targeting Jason Hennessy Snr. However, the situation took a dramatic turn when Sherry’s gun jammed, leading to his disarmament and a subsequent brutal assault. Sherry was reportedly stabbed almost 30 times in what was described as a prolonged and chaotic attack. The incident, captured on social media, showcased the terror and panic among diners.

Garda’s Investigation and Criminal Feud

Irish police, the Garda, have connected the shooting to an ongoing feud between criminal factions in the Corduff and Finglas areas of north Dublin. Sherry’s family believes he was targeting a man in his 40s. The Garda expressed concerns about potential reprisal attacks, emphasizing the access both factions have to firearms. Two separate investigations are underway—one into the gun attack and another into Sherry’s death.

Tristan Sherry's Dublin Shooting video
Tristan Sherry’s Dublin Shooting video

Controversial GoFundMe Campaign

Despite the criminal nature of Tristan Sherry’s actions, his family, led by Marey Hand, purportedly Sherry’s mother, initiated a GoFundMe campaign to raise €7,000 (£6,000) for his funeral costs. Marey Hand expressed heartbreak over her son’s death, describing him as an individual loved by many for his passion for motorcycles. The controversial nature of fundraising for an individual involved in a violent incident has sparked debates about morality and community support.

Legal Implications and Witness Cooperation

Legal authorities are now faced with the challenge of determining whether Sherry’s killers were justified in their actions on grounds of self-defense. The investigation is complicated by the reluctance of some witnesses to cooperate with the Garda. No arrests have been made, and the circumstances surrounding Sherry’s death are being closely examined to ascertain the level of force used in self-defense.

Tristan Sherry's GoFundMe is currently inaccessible
Tristan Sherry’s GoFundMe is currently inaccessible

Minister’s Response and Call for Information

Ireland’s justice minister, Helen McEntee, condemned the violence in Blanchardstown, expressing sympathy for the victims and emergency service personnel. She called on individuals with information to come forward and assist An Garda Siochana in their investigation.


The Tristan Sherry funeral fundraiser unfolds as a complex narrative, intertwining criminal actions, legal scrutiny, and ethical considerations. As Dublin grapples with the aftermath of this violent event, questions about community support, justice, and the responsibilities of online fundraising platforms continue to emerge. This article sheds light on the multifaceted dimensions of the incident, offering a comprehensive view of the challenges faced by authorities and the broader implications for public safety and communal responses to tragedy.

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