“Gofundme for criminals is a vibe”: Unraveling Tristan Sherry’s Funeral Fund Outrage Amid Dublin Shooting Video

In the wake of a shocking incident at Browne’s Steakhouse in Blanchardstown, West Dublin, where Tristan Sherry, a suspected gunman, opened fire on Christmas Eve, the aftermath has taken an unexpected turn. As a video capturing the violent encounter went viral, triggering widespread shock, Tristan Sherry’s family initiated a GoFundMe page to cover his funeral costs. However, this move has sparked outrage and bewilderment among netizens, questioning the ethics of fundraising for an individual implicated in a criminal act. This comprehensive exploration delves into the unfolding narrative, scrutinizing the controversial GoFundMe campaign, the reactions on social media, and the broader implications of this tragic event.

Tristan Sherry Gofundme for criminals is a vibe
Tristan Sherry Gofundme for criminals is a vibe

Tristan Sherry’s Viral Video and Subsequent Outrage

The video depicting the violent attack on Tristan Sherry circulated on social media, providing a graphic account of the incident that transpired at Browne’s Steakhouse. Sherry, alleged to be a member of a local drug trafficking gang, faced a retaliatory assault after his gun misfired, resulting in a barrage of fatal stabbings. The disturbing imagery triggered public outrage and concerns about the escalating gang violence in Dublin.

Tristan Sherry Video
Tristan Sherry Video

The GoFundMe Controversy

In an unexpected move, Marey Hand, Tristan Sherry’s mother, launched a GoFundMe page to cover his funeral costs. Expressing heartbreak over her son’s tragic death, Marey Hand portrayed Sherry as a loving individual with a passion for motorcycles. However, netizens were quick to express their perplexity and hesitancy in contributing to a fundraiser for someone implicated in a violent criminal act. The controversy surrounding the ethical considerations of supporting such a cause has ignited debates on social media.

Tristan Sherry Video
Tristan Sherry Video

Reactions on Social Media

Netizens took to various platforms to voice their bewilderment and disapproval regarding the GoFundMe campaign. Many expressed skepticism about Sherry’s character and questioned the family’s awareness of his alleged involvement in criminal activities. The divisive nature of the reactions reflects the complex ethical landscape surrounding fundraising for individuals linked to violent incidents.

Background of the Dublin Shooting Incident

The Dublin shooting incident on Christmas Eve unfolded as Tristan Sherry targeted a man, Jason Hennessy Snr, in the restaurant. The alleged gang-related attack resulted in critical injuries to Hennessy Snr and a chaotic scene as patrons fled the premises. The subsequent retaliation against Sherry, captured in the viral video, has raised concerns about the potential for further violence in the ongoing gang feud.

Law Enforcement Concerns and Public Safety

The aftermath of Tristan Sherry’s death has prompted increased police patrols in Dublin, with concerns of potential “revenge attacks” and an escalation of the gang feud. The Gardaí are on high alert, recognizing the possibility of further violence that could endanger innocent lives. The broader implications of this incident underscore the challenges faced by law enforcement in curbing gang-related activities and maintaining public safety.


Tristan Sherry’s funeral fund controversy highlights the complex intersection of personal tragedy, criminal involvement, and public sentiment. The ethical dilemmas surrounding fundraising for individuals involved in violent acts are laid bare, sparking important conversations about community support, accountability, and the broader societal impact of gang violence. As Dublin grapples with the aftermath of this tragic event, questions about justice, public safety, and the responsibilities of online fundraising platforms come to the forefront.

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