Update Cooking Diary Cheats for Unlimited Rubies 2023

[Cooking Diary Cheats for Unlimited Rubies 2023 .!

Any new restaurant owner could use our Cooking Diary cheats for iOS and Android to start their wine and dine business on the right foot. It’s completely free and super-easy to use. So, come on right down to our fine NovaGames restaurant and order yourself the best Cooking Diary hack for plenty of free rubies.

Don’t let your meat burn

Like many of its ilk, Cooking Diary is a fun restaurant management game where the primary goal is to serve customers as fast as possible. The faster you complete their order the happier they’ll be. Simple. But since you start off with very basic equipment cooking anything will take time.

Thus, you need to plan ahead until you can get enough coins to upgrade your workstation fully. Then no matter the size of the crowd waiting for those delicious burgers of yours, you’ll be able to satisfy all of them in a span of seconds.

One cool feature here is that while the satisfaction meter is slowly draining for each customer as they wait, you can refill it a bit if they have multiple orders. So, now, you can actually devise some nice strategies for who should be served first, since some food takes longer to prepare. And you always want to have the satisfaction meter full so you get extra points. So, while they wait, if it drops, give them one of their orders that were easy to make to refill their happiness and give you some extra time to complete their other order.

Also, as you progress through the story, you’ll come across new kitchen equipment, food to make, staff to hire and decor for your restaurant. But there’s also a bit of PvP here as you can compete against other players with high scores to see who’s the best chef on the block.

Cooking Diary Cheats for Free Rubies

Get Free Rubies!

The main currency used in the game is coins. And they’re somewhat easy to earn a decent amount. You’ll use these shiny coins for various things, like buying new furniture for your restaurant or upgrading your kitchen equipment to make it faster and serve high-quality food.

But there’s also the premium currency, rubies. They will make your rise to the top of the cooking world much easier. And yes, they will give you faster progression, since all skips for waiting time require you to pay with rubies. Thus, you’ll get your new equipment, staff and decor instantly.

However, rubies are also used for upgrades. And no, you can’t just use coins to fully upgrade your kitchen — you’ll need to use rubies alongside them. So, this is where the game expects you to replay levels a lot, and complete many of the copy-pasted daily and weekly challenges just to earn a small amount of free rubies. Or you can, you know, buy them from the game shop.

But we don’t advise any of this, since the first option is boring and the second is silly. Why would you give your money to the devs just to make the game fun and less tedious?

Instead, use our Cooking Diary cheats and you’ll be set. Free, easy to use and with instant free rubies delivery, you’ll easily upgrade your kitchen and be the best chef on the block. So, let’s see how to properly set up and use our cheat tool for Cooking Diary.

Cooking Diary Unlimited Rubies Hack

Cooking Diary hack tool

First, find and press the “Get Free Rubies!” button, which will redirect you to a completely new browser tab. Here you’ll see our Cooking Diary ruby generator and we can begin the hacking process.

What you need to do is make sure to select the amount of rubies you want to receive first. After you select that, press “Generate” which will spawn a small window asking for your in-game username and the platform you play on. Enter the information it requires and then proceed with the process by pressing “Continue”.

This can usually take a couple of minutes, so you can take a short break. After it’s done, you’ll be asked to finish one final task — Human Verification. And this is quite an easy task to complete, so don’t worry. Press “Verify” to begin and just select and complete two tasks from our sponsors that you like the most and that’s it.

Now just go back and refresh Cooking Diary and voila — all the free rubies will be waiting for you in your account. All that is left is to have fun playing this cooking mobile game and share with your friends this amazing free rubies cheat you found.

Cooking Diary cheat proof

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