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[Girls X Battle Cheats – Resource Generator of Unlimited Diamonds .!

Nobody wants to farm diamonds instead of playing with cute anime girls in Girls X Battle, so use our Girls X Battle cheats and get them for free, instantly. Yes, it’s that easy. Just a few button presses, and you’ll have plenty of diamonds to satisfy all your fancy waifus in Girls X Battle. The hack works on both iOS and Android devices, so no way it won’t work for you, that we promise.

At Least The Women Won’t Bother You While You Play

We all dream of our own harem of sexy anime waifus, and Girls X Battle is here to make our dreams come true. But it offers more than just skin. This is a pretty decent idle mobile RPG, with a pretty deep learning curve should you choose to partake in the grueling endgame content.

Don’t even get me started on the PvP which is super sweaty and full of no-lifers who just use their dad’s credit card to get the best items as fast as possible.

So, I could sit here and talk about the ins and outs of that deep and complex gameplay Girls X Battle has. But people who care about that are just lying to themselves. Face the truth and admit you just play this because you want to collect 2D waifus. It’s not a crime.

The good thing is that Girls X Battle is an idle RPG, meaning your participation during the girl-on-girl action is not needed. So, just sit back and enjoy the show the team of cute anime girls you picked has in store for you. It’s always cool to earn rewards while doing nothing, we can all agree on that.

But, the devs went ahead and made the amount small, so you’ll still need to play the game, to some degree if you want to buy the coolest stuff. Simply put, everything in this game either cost diamonds or gold coins, which you’ll run out of quickly. I mean, you need to buy special juice and lunch boxes to upgrade each lady in your harem. And upgrading them is essential if you want to have strong waifus that can beat the other weebs harem when you take them on in PvP battles. So, make sure you feed your honeys with lots of EXP Juice — make them nice and strong.

Girls X Battle Hack for Unlimited Diamonds

Get Free Diamonds!


And that is not all — the game is littered with all kinds of different currencies that unlock all the crazy other stuff – skins, better gear, better waifus, super waifus, etc. The only saving grace is that you can actually use diamonds to buy all these other currencies. I do think the most important thing you can buy with diamonds is the special capsule machine tokens from the shop.

These are used to buy capsules, which is where your new kawaii anime girls will come from. The best capsules need diamonds sadly, but you do get some super waifus to use.

Sadly, collecting and satisfying so many ladies will take its toll on your diamond balance. So, will you resort to using real-world money to purchase them from the in-game store? Will you make your wallet cry? We hope not, and will actually make it true — just use our Girls X Battle hack that’ll give you free diamonds so you can satisfy and maintain your harem without issue.

Girls X Battle Cheats for Free Diamonds

Girls X Battle hack tool

First, press the “Get Free Diamonds!” button. Yes, it’s that obvious, I know. This will redirect you to a completely new browser tab. Here you’ll see our Girls X Battle cheat tool. So, let’s not delay it any longer and start the hacking process.

This next step is super simple, and probably the most fun. You just need to pick the number of diamonds you want to receive first. That’s it. After that, press “Generate,” which will spawn a small window asking for your in-game username and the platform you play on. Now, enter the information it requires and then proceed with the process by pressing “Continue”.

Wait a couple of minutes and after it’s done, you’ll now need to finish one final task — Human Verification. And this is quite an easy task to complete, so don’t worry. Press “Verify” to begin and just select and complete two tasks from our sponsors that you like the most and that’s it.

And there you go. All the free diamonds you need, and want, are waiting for you in your Girls X Battle account. So, go and refresh it and enjoy your shiny diamonds and hopefully, some new anime waifus come as a result.

Girls X Battle cheat proof

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