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[Project Makeover Cheats – Unlimited Gems & Coins .!

Impressing Greta von Deta will require our Project Makeover cheats assistance. This is one tough woman to please, constantly following the latest trends and looking down upon anyone not on her level, fashion-wise. But, with the use of our free coins and gems cheat, even she will be left mute when your work is presented at the unveiling.

What hides behind that luscious beard of yours?

In Project Makeover, you match three or more identical shapes (hearts, stars, etc.) to complete a level. Additionally, each level has its own requirements; for example, one level might ask you to gather 10 hearts, while another might ask you to collect 5 stars and 10 shirts.

Keep track of the items you need to acquire in order for the level to be considered complete. These tiles are occasionally placed in boosters, such as rockets, bombs, etc., which have distinctive ways of impacting the tile and aiding in the collection of particular shapes.

Gems and coins are the main currency in the game. For your clientele, coins are utilized to purchase clothing and accessories. Each stage of the transformation is launched using coins. And lastly, jewels, the most valuable currency. In case you run out of moves while playing the tile-matching game, it will provide you with additional moves.

You may believe you won’t require it, but you do. Each level has a set number of movements, and if you don’t finish it on your first try, you miss the chance to get a unique reward box. Gems can help here because they offer you an extra few moves to continue matching tiles. Otherwise, you’ll forfeit the additional award and have to start over.

And trust me, that isn’t a great idea.

Project Makeover Game Cheats – Unlimited Gems & Coins Cheat

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This is where our fantastic Project Makeover free coins and gems trick kicks in. You won’t ever have to worry about your level progress being lost as you play these tile-matching levels because of it. The free coins you get from us will also ensure that you don’t have to grind levels endlessly in order to advance your client’s makeover, as each level’s completion only awards a modest number of coins.

Because each new customer has a number of new tasks to perform before receiving his final makeover, you’ll find yourself running out of coins and returning repeatedly to the same-shapes matching activity.

Come, let’s see how our Project Makeover cheat works, shall we?

Project Makeover Cheat – Unlimited Gems & Coins Hack

Project Makeover cheat tool

Simply press the “Get Free Resources!” button, and you’ll be redirected to a completely new browser tab. Here you’ll get to finally see the amazing free Project Makeover generator. Now let’s begin the hacking process.

The next step is easy — just pick the amount you want for each resource, coins and gems. After that’s done, press “Generate” and it will spawn a small window asking for your in-game username and the platform you play on. Enter the information it requires and then proceed with the process by pressing “Continue”.

This may take a couple of minutes, so you can take a short break. After it’s done, you’ll be tasked to finish one final task — Human Verification. And this is super easy to complete, so don’t worry. Press “Verify” to begin and select and complete two tasks from our sponsors that you like the most. That’s it.

Now refresh Project Makeover and enjoy your free gems and coins. But don’t forget that you should use them to bring a smile to peoples’ faces. That’s why we did all of this after all.

Project Makeover hack proof

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