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The below post about Dsgups website working criteria and details associated with Dsgups Scam and defraud USPS customers.

Do you know a new type of fraud in the UNITED STATES? United States Postal Service (USPS) customers have been alerted to a new phishing scheme using the fake Dsgups.com website. Cybercriminals send fake text messages to victims under the guise of the USPS to trick them into clicking on a dangerous link and revealing their personal information.

This page explains the Dsgups Scamhow it works and provides tips to protect yourself if you become a victim.

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Disclaimer: The material about the scam in the aforementioned article is only intended to serve as general knowledge. The post attempts to raise awareness of potential phishing scams aimed at USPS customers and provide tips for dealing with them.

Dsgups.com: What is it?

Dsgups.com is a bogus website that claims to be the official USPS website but has no connection with the Postal Service. The website seeks to trick visitors into giving sensitive information to scammers.

How it works :

Mass text messages warning users of package delays are being sent by scammers posing as USPS. The mail includes a link to Dsgups.com and asks Reviews on Dsgups, where unwary customers are asked to enter personal information, especially credit card information, under the guise of validating shipping information. However, the tracking number offered in the URL is fake, which could lead to identity theft and other activities.

What to do if you are a victim of Dsgups.com:

It is essential to act quickly if you have been the victim of Dsgups Scam to protect your financial security and personal information. Here are the crucial actions to take:

  • Contact your bank and credit card provider and let them know what is going on to stop any illegal payments or transactions.
  • Change your security questions and passwords: Increase the security of all your online user accounts, especially those you use for email, shopping, and banking.
  • Keep an eye on your bank statements and credit reports. Stay alert for any questionable inquiries or behavior.
  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) about the scam, and include Reviews on Dsgups in your report.

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Personal data and financial security are at serious risk due to the Dsgups Scamwho targets USPS Customers via phishing text messages. It is essential to be alert and cautious of unsolicited messages and shady websites.

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Dsgups Scam FAQs:-

Q1. What exactly is Dsgups.com?


Q2.Who is Dsgups impersonating?


Q3. How does the scam work?

Texts or SMS

Q4. What dangers can victims encounter?

Identity theft

Q5. How can you protect yourself?

be alert

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