[Update] Who was Helen Francis, Trevor Francis’ wife?

Who was Helen Francis, Trevor Francis’ wife? .!

Who Was Helen Francis?

Helen Francis was the esteemed wife of Trevor Francis, the legendary soccer player who tragically died aged 69 of a heart attack in Marbella, Spain. She was not only his wife, but his lifelong partner, supporter and friend who stood by him steadfastly through the ups and downs of his career and personal life. In April 2017, Helen lost her battle with cancer, leaving a huge void in Trevor’s heart.

Love Story of Helen and Trevor

Helen and Trevor’s love story began during their teenage years in Birmingham, their hometown. The couple fell deeply in love and married in 1974 while Trevor was playing for Birmingham City. Together they were blessed with two sons, James and Matthew, who followed in their father’s footsteps. Helen was an incredibly devoted wife and mother who willingly gave up her own ambitions to fully support Trevor’s dreams.

A constant support throughout his journey

Helen was more than just a wife; She was Trevor’s steadfast support and accompanied him on his footballing journey through various clubs. From Nottingham Forest to Manchester City, Italy to Scotland, QPR to Sheffield Wednesday, she remained his biggest fan and confidante, helping him cope with the immense pressure and glory that came with being Britain’s first million-pounder and European Cup winners.

share joys and sorrows

Together they shared moments of triumph and joy as Trevor won trophies and scored goals. They stood united through difficult times, meeting hurt and loss with unwavering support and love. Whether she was cheering for him from the stands or comforting him at home, Helen was always there for Trevor.

The elegance and generosity of Helen

Beyond her role as a devoted wife, Helen was admired for her beauty, elegance and sense of grace. She often accompanied Trevor to various events where they formed an impressive couple. Besides her charm, Helen was known for her kindness and generosity, supporting various charities and caring for others in need.

A brave fight against cancer

In 2015, Helen received the devastating news of her cancer diagnosis. With great courage, she underwent chemotherapy and surgery and bravely fought the disease. Despite her brave efforts, she sadly succumbed to cancer in 2017 and found peace with her loving family at their home in Solihull.

Trevor’s devastation and fond memories

Trevor was devastated by the loss of his beloved wife. He expressed that he owed her everything and considered her his best friend and soul mate. At first it was too hard for him to talk about her death, but over time he found the strength to cherish the 43 wonderful years they spent together. He fondly remembers the love, support and memories they shared.

Obituary of Helen Francis: A Lasting Legacy

Helen Francis, an extraordinary woman who lived a full and happy life with her husband and sons, has passed away peacefully. Her story inspired many, and her unwavering love and strength were a source of immense support to Trevor. She will always be remembered as the beloved wife, partner and angel of soccer legend Trevor Francis. For more details on her life and legacy, see the “Obituary for Helen Francis.

Trevor and Helen’s children

Although much of their family life remained private, Trevor and Helen had two children together – James and Matthew – who continue their father’s legacy.

Obituary for Helen Francis

The death of Helen Francis has left an irreplaceable void not only in the hearts of her family and friends but also in the wider community. During this difficult time, it’s normal for everyone to experience grief and a variety of emotions. However, let us remember that we are not alone in our grief; Together we can support one another, share precious memories, and find solace in the collective bond formed by Helen Francis’ extraordinary legacy.

Helen Francis was a beacon that touched the lives of all who had the privilege of knowing her. Her kindness, grace and unwavering love enriched the lives of those around her and left an indelible mark on the hearts she touched. As we come together to remember her, we also celebrate the beautiful life she led and the positive impact she had on each and every one of us.

Obituary for Helen Francis, a life that has left a lasting legacy. As we mourn her loss, we also honor her memory by cherishing the moments we shared and the lessons she taught us. In this time of sadness, let us find healing and strength in the warmth of the memories we hold dear.

Helen Francis Memorial Service details will be updated as they become available. Family, friends and members of the community are encouraged to come together to pay their respects and say goodbye to this remarkable person. Through our collective presence and shared love, we can truly celebrate the life of Helen Francis and the profound impact she has had on all of us.

In the coming days, let’s come together with open hearts and open arms, supporting one another as we navigate the pain of loss. In celebrating the life of Helen Francis, we celebrate a life well lived and a soul that will forever shine bright in our hearts.

May we find solace in the cherished memories of Helen Francis and may her spirit continue to inspire us to be kind, generous and loving people. By honoring her legacy, we keep her memory alive and she will forever remain an integral part of our lives.

Let us remember her with love and draw strength from the love she shared with us. Helen Francis may no longer be physically present, but her spirit and the love she gave us will live on forever.

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