Update Why is Film4 Not Working on Sky? Where has Film4 Gone? What Channel is Film 4 on Sky?

Why is Film4 Not Working on Sky? Where has Film4 Gone? What Channel is Film 4 on Sky? .!

Why is Film4 Not Working on Sky? 

The listings for “film 4” currently display issues with the functionality of recorded content on this particular channel. Users are encountering difficulties as recordings seem to be malfunctioning, preventing them from accessing the desired films. Additionally, the search feature is also failing to locate specific films effectively.

These problems collectively create a frustrating user experience, as viewers are unable to access recorded content and are facing obstacles in finding films of their choice using the search function. It is essential for the channel’s technical team to address these problems promptly, ensuring that recorded content becomes accessible and the search functionality is optimized for improved user satisfaction.  Some say still Film4 is not working on Sky and the viewers had drop their reviews on the official site. 

Where Has Film4 Gone? 

Film4 has undergone a transition between multiplexes, which could potentially result in viewers needing to perform a retuning process to regain access to the channel. This shift in multiplexes might disrupt the channel’s reception on certain devices, necessitating an adjustment to the tuning settings in order to reestablish a proper connection.

Furthermore, Film4+1 has also undergone a relocation and now demands the utilization of a Freeview HD or YouView box for access. This means that viewers who previously relied on different equipment may need to make the necessary upgrades in order to continue enjoying the content on Film4+1.

These changes signify a technical shift in the broadcasting arrangement, and it’s important for viewers to stay informed about these developments and take the required actions to ensure seamless access to the channels.



Film4, a British television network operated by Channel Four Television Corporation, was introduced on November 1, 1998, with a primary focus on airing a variety of films. It is accessible to audiences through its standard-definition channel on platforms like Freeview and Freesat. However, the high-definition version of the channel is exclusively available through a subscription-based pay television service.

In addition to its broadcasting services, Film4 previously provided an online video-on-demand platform known as Film4oD, enabling users to access a selection of films at their convenience.

Regrettably, this online service was discontinued in July 2015, marking the end of a convenient avenue for viewers to stream films on demand. This shift highlights the network’s efforts to adapt to changing viewing habits and technological advancements while maintaining its core commitment to delivering diverse cinematic content to its audience. 

Sky UK Limited  

Sky UK Limited is a British telecommunications and broadcasting company offering a range of services such as television, broadband Internet, fixed-line and mobile telephone connections to both individuals and businesses across the United Kingdom.

Originally established as British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) in November 1990 through the merger of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting, the company has evolved into a significant media entity, becoming the largest pay-TV broadcaster in the UK with approximately 12.7 million customers recorded by the close of 2019.

Sky operates under the umbrella of the Sky Group, a subsidiary of Comcast since 2018. Renowned for its flagship products like Sky Q and the web-based Sky Glass, as well as prominent channels like Sky Showcase, Sky Sports, and Sky Atlantic, the company has played a pivotal role in shaping the entertainment landscape.

Notably, it has secured exclusive broadcasting rights for the Premier League and holds a substantial portion of domestic rights for Hollywood films. Over time, Sky UK has expanded its reach through acquisitions, including Sky Italia and a controlling interest in Sky Deutschland in 2014.

This expansion led to the rebranding of its parent company as Sky plc, now known as Sky Group Limited. As part of this transition, the UK subsidiary underwent a name change from British Sky Broadcasting Limited to its current designation, Sky UK Limited, while maintaining its familiar trading name “Sky.”

What Channel is Film 4 on Sky?

Here is a compilation of channel numbers on Sky satellite platforms, encompassing both Sky Q and Sky+HD, for viewers situated in the UK. High-definition (HD) channels will be automatically displayed at the forefront of the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), with their standard-definition (SD) counterparts positioned within the range of channels 800 to 899.

It’s worth mentioning that there might be variations which are outlined in the comments. It’s important to note that distinct channel numbers are applicable to users of Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

There have been some recent changes to channels. Presently, PTV Global and Channel 44 are temporarily suspended. Additionally, on July 18th, BT Sport 1-4 will transition to TNT Sports 1-4, and Eurosport will shift to new channel numbers. These updates reflect Sky’s commitment to optimizing its channel offerings and enhancing viewer experiences. 

Channel Number

Channel Name

313 Film4
314 Film4+1

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