watch:Jesus Alberto Lopez Ortiz dead video on twitter, Whats happened to Jesus

watch:Jesus Alberto Lopez Ortiz dead video on twitter, Whats happened to Jesus .!

Riots in Santa Cruz (Costa Rica) caused by the murder of Jess Alberto López Ortiz, a soccer player from Ro Caas de la Cruz who was eaten by a crocodile. While bathing in the river, the 29-year-old soccer player and father of two was slain by the reptile.

When discussing what transpired, the widow of Chuco López could not contain her tears. He plummeted into the river and was never seen again. Francini, Chuco López’s wife, wept as she explained, “It destroyed my life and my heart.”

The police were able to locate the corpse of the soccer player after killing the four-meter crocodile that appeared to be dragging Chuco López’s body through the river.

watch:Jesus Alberto Lopez Ortiz
watch:Jesus Alberto Lopez Ortiz

Residents of Santa Cruz assist authorities in removing the soccer player’s body from the water after police have slain an alligator. The security forces do not know how the soccer player perished: “The crocodile sank him, but it is unclear whether he drowned or died from the crocodile’s pressure.”

Rio Caas de La Corua, which dismissed Jess Alberto López Ortiz and paid his respects, requested a white blouse in Chucho’s honor. The entire town was captivated by the player’s wife and two young children, aged 3 and 8.

“It is with great sorrow that we must announce the passing of our player Jess López Ortiz (Chucho), God willing. Rest in serenity, Chucho; we share the sorrow of his entire family. You will be missed. You are an integral part of everyone, dear friend.” Today was a very difficult day for everyone, and we will remember you as a coach, soccer player, and family man in all aspects of your sporting life. Chucho, you will always be in our hearts. Fly higher,” Club Deportivo Ro Caas stated in a statement.

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