Who Was Angus Cloud’s Girlfriend Plus Who Has He Dated? — Pgdthanhphu

Who Was Angus Cloud’s Girlfriend Plus Who Has He Dated? — Pgdthanhphu .!

Actor Angus Cloud stole everyone’s hearts as good-intentioned drug dealer Fez on ‘Euphoria,’ but was he dating anyone? Here’s the scoop.

Newcomer actor Angus Cloud auditioned for HBO’s Euphoria on a whim. Now, his character, local drug dealer Fezco, is one of the fan-favorites of the show. Season 2 so far has teased a potential relationship between Fezco and Lexi Howard (Maude Apatow), which could be one of the most wholesome relationships on the show.

But speaking of relationships, is Angus Cloud dating anyone? Fans of the Euphoria heartthrob have been wondering if he’s single. Here’s everything we know about Angus Cloud’s current relationship status, explained.

Angus Cloud.

Is Angus Cloud dating anyone?

In a 2019 interview with GQ, Angus explained how he ended up on Euphoria. A native of Oakland, Calif., he was walking in Manhattan when he was suddenly stopped by a representative for a casting company. She asked him to come read for a new TV series. “I was confused, and I didn’t want to give her my phone number,” he says. “I thought it was a scam.”

Yet, he ended up in a room reading parts of the first episode, and the rest, they say, is history! Angus was eventually asked back to read for the director of the pilot and began studying acting, brushing up on techniques via YouTube. However, he says he “wasn’t trying to learn how to act on the plane over there.” He figured if the producers cast him based on acting like himself, he was just going to “show up and do what they want and then be done,” he remembers.

Angus Cloud.

Now, Fezco is back in Season 2, and he’s already breaking faces — and hearts! Angus recently talked to Bustle about the budding relationship between Fezco and Lexi, saying, “Neither of them have really actually had a serious crush, because Lexi is busy with school and Fezco is running a business. When they find each other, something just clicks, and they learn a lot from each other because they’re from different worlds.”

While Fezco might have a new romance with Lexi blooming, does Angus Cloud have a romantic partner currently? The scoop on his love life is…

Angus Cloud.

Although he had been posting more actively on social media, Angus didn’t publicly appear to be in a relationship before his death. There were brief rumors about him dating his Euphoria co-star Maude, but it turned ou not true.

Prior to his death, Angus might have been too busy to date.

Two latest films that he starred in included Vietnam war film The Things They Carried alongside Tom Hardy and Pete Davidson and horror-thriller Your Lucky Day which were released in 2022. He also starred in the 2021 film North Hollywood alongside Miranda Cosgrove.

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